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Many of our clients come to us through referrals, either from solicitors they are working with or through other clients who have worked with us previously. Referrals can come through solicitors, lawyers as well as a host of other professionals who wish to recommend our services to their clients. To summarize, solicitors, lawyers, professionals, old clients and current clients can fill up the referral form provided to introduce new clients to us. Clients also have the option to refer themselves to us if they wish to. In the absence of a referral, clients can fill up a self-referral form in order to contact us.

It is extremely important for the contact form to be filled in a detailed, accurate and completely truthful manner. No fields should be left empty as the information provided to us is vital in determining what type of services will be required, how long the sessions might take and how quickly we can provide the requisite services.

Both referrer and the referee should provide as much information as possible in their form. The filled up forms can be sent to us through a variety of ways, including post, fax or email. There are certain documents that will have to be carried during the first meeting in order to verify the contents of the form and to go forward with the mediation services.

In mediation it is vital to create a safe and secure environment for the discussion and resolution of delicate issues, one in which every member feels able to open up about the vital problems affecting him/her and the family.

This environment can only be created if the mediator is able to create an atmosphere of trust and open communication.

Therefore clients can take the addition step of mentioning any information they feel is necessary for the process of mediation to be success, such as confidential or sensitive facts. We would like to know anything that will help you feel safe and secure when availing our services.

Once we receive the completed forms we will set up an assessment meeting as soon as possible in order to get the process started. Following this, a series of meetings (as per the requirements of the family) will be set up to with a qualified mediator that the family has established a rapport with.

We also have relationships with reliable solicitors and lawyers in different cities in the U.K. These family solicitors and experts in legal proceedings and can help families deal with issues.

As we cannot proceed with the assessment session without all of the required information, it is imperative for new clients to fill up the contact form (either a referral or a self-referral) and send it across to us through post, email or fax.

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My wife was demanding a lot of as a part of divorce and then I consulted Family mediation service to a proper agreement and I succeeded in that very well.”

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My family life was in ruins so we decided to consult UK Family Mediation and to my amazement, in a few meetings all of our issues were resolved.”

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